• What is cellulose insulation?

- Thermal insulation of cellulose fiberswhich is made optimal recycling methods of newsprintThe basic material for pulp wood, the excellent properties have been known for millennia. Production of cellulosetakes place in Austria in one of the most modern in Europe.

- Separate coarse newsprint to permit the marketing, mixed with mineral salts and spin in the mill.Thus created flakes are resistant to fire, attack by rodents, insects, mold and rot. 

- Production through continuous self-checking and a foreign subject to the strictest Austria, Germany andEuropean criteria. 

- Snowflake long fiber will convince an extremely low thermal conductivity and resistance to subsidenceand thicker insulation. Cellulose is not toxic, contains no hazardous substances or additives and is soft to the touch and warm. It does not irritate the skin, not aggressive, and thus considered as a nice insulator.

- Cellulose fibers under pressure through the application in the design of compact and thus create aseamless insulation plate, which is resistant to sinking.

- Blowing insulation into the construction takes place using special blowing machines.